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We offer sample gift pack of a stainless top and base to assist you with the planning. The Sample Pack is designed to showcase the quality of our products and assist you in making decisions. Now you share your idea with coworkers, managers or other family members. After you finish with the sample you can send it back for 100% refund. Let us create a sample gift experience before you place an order. Please contact us if you will like to sample any of our other products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not everyone is familiar with the beauty of a spinning top and you might need some tips. Here are a few things that might help you start your collection, become a spin master or inspire you to pick something original for your loved ones.

Why Gift a spinning top?
Spinning Tops are a foreign object to most people - this creates curiosity and sparks great conversations and best of all, long lasting experiences. ForeverSpin™ tops are world famous for their elegance, simplicity and quality. This makes for a perfect gift for people of every age, gender or position. We have worked with artists, CEOs, doctors, engineers, lawyers, professors and even students of a young age. We also see Foreverspin™ tops as a lifetime item as it “never goes old.” Just like a fine wine, it only becomes better and more valuable at the end of the day. The best difference: a top you can keep forever.
Is the packaging ready for gifts?
We have helped thousands of companies and families create gift experiences that are designed to last a lifetime. ForeverSpin™ is the world’s most famous spinning top brand but we got here creating long-lasting experiences - from the packaging to the very texture of the top, everything you receive is of highest quality and designed to create a long-lasting impression. We take attention to detail very seriously and this is also reflected in our packaging. To further the experience, we wrap the whole package in a master bag made of 100% cotton.
Which tops are best for gifts?
With our large collection of fine metal tops there is a top that is perfect for every person. The Titanium and Aluminium spinning tops are great tops for anyone, as they are incredibly strong and light, making them easy to spin. The 24kt Gold Plated and Rose Gold Plated spinning tops are very luxurious and high-quality pieces of art, for the times that you need to really impress someone. Finally, we have the Metal Museum, a collection composed of 5 tops and a display dock, that can be customized specific for you or your loved ones. This is the ultimate gift pack as not only do you get to play with a top, but you also get to interact with the different metal weights, colors and textures. Fun, educational and elegant.
Can you engrave the Spinning Tops or the Spinning Base?
Each spinning top can be engraved with a custom message or logo on the top side of the spinning top. Each spinning base can also be engraved with a custom message or logo with laser engraving inside the glass - that means that the special message you send to your loved ones or employees will last forever! A gift to be truly remembered.
Should I get the spinning base?
Our tops spin on any surface but a spinning base greatly enhances the spinning top experience. Our silica glass and stainless steel base is designed for very low friction and its concave shape allows the top to center itself.Another great part about it is that it also acts as a display stand for a single top! Turn it over and it has a place to elegantly rest your spinning top in an upright position.
Can you ship straight to my customers or family?
Foreverspin has successfully shipped our collection to over 100 countries. Over the years we have developed an expertise in global fulfilment. We are more than happy to distribute the gifts for you anywhere in the world.
Can you include a custom letter in each package?
Yes, we can do that and much more. Our gift packs can include a personal letter - we usually recommend going for a beige, kraft-style paper which is the very same that our founders use to thank our customers with every purchase.